We design cotton shirts for everyone who seeks comfort, elegance and style.
From vivid hues to subtle tones, our shirts reflect the vibrant energy and relaxed atmosphere of Ibiza.

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Disco Men’s Shirt

Get ready to hit the dance floor in style with the Disco shirt, the ultimate addition to any clubbing outfit in Ibiza. With a bold print pattern that evokes the classic look of vinyl LPs, this shirt is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Make heads turn on the dance floor with the funky and fun Disco shirt. Add it to your cart and get ready to light up the night!

Savannah Men’s Shirt

Want to stick your neck out and try something new? Our Savannah shirt with a charming giraffe print is just what you need! Made with lightweight fabric and featuring a fun design, this shirt is perfect for those who want to stand tall and proud while feeling cool in any climate. Don’t wait to add a little fun to your wardrobe today!

Sargantana Men’s Shirt

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The light cotton Sargantana shirt is named after the iconic lizard native to Ibiza. Bring a touch of the island's distinctive charm to your wardrobe with our Sargantana Shirt, a perfect addition for any lizard lover or island enthusiast. Add our Sargantana shirt to your wardrobe for a comfortable and stylish look!

Woodstock Men’s Shirt

You won't find a more comfortable shirt than this one. Wearing our Woodstock shirt is like wearing pajamas, but way more stylish. Perfect for keeping you cool during warm summer days and nights. Whether you're planning to attend a music festival, party, or just want to add a unique and stylish touch to your wardrobe, this shirt is a must-have for anyone who wants to embrace the bohemian style of Ibiza. Get ready to channel the spirit of Woodstock and order this shirt now!

Mandala Men’s Shirt

A beautiful shirt that celebrates the mesmerizing designs of traditional Indian mandalas. This shirt's pattern has been handcrafted using the ancient block printing technique which has been used in India for centuries. Mandalas represent the universe and its connection to all living beings. Embrace the spiritual and cultural richness of traditional India with our Mandala shirt!

Mykonos Men’s Shirt

Our Mykonos-inspired light cotton shirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. With its relaxed fit and breathable fabric, this shirt is the perfect choice for any summer adventure. The light cotton fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all day long, while the soft and subtle colors will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. Experience the beauty and energy of Mykonos and the Mediterranean in your own personal style!

Ummagumma Men’s Shirt

Get ready to rock the vibrant and colorful Ummagumma shirt from our Summer of Love collection, inspired by the famous album and the psychedelic culture of Ibiza in the late 60s! This shirt is like a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe featuring an eye-catching blue and green paisley pattern. The shirt is made with the softest and lightest cotton, so you can look good and feel even better. Ready for a psychedelic Ibiza experience? Don't wait any longer and order the Ummagumma shirt now!

Paradis Men’s Shirt

Step out in style with the exotic and vibrant Paradis shirt, featuring a stunning pattern of cranes and flowers. This shirt captures the essence of paradise and is sure to make you stand out on the dance floor. Add it to your cart and make an elegant statement on the dance floor that won't be forgotten!

Burning Man Men’s Shirt

Featuring a bold and dark paisley print, the Burning Man shirt is inspired by the festival's fiery theme. This shirt will make a statement wherever you go and is the ultimate tribute to the spirit of Ibiza and its endless nights of fun and excitement. Ignite your fashion sense with the Burning Man shirt and set your wardrobe ablaze with a fiery burst of style!

Savannah Kids Shirt

Step up your child´s style game with our Savannah shirt featuring an eye-catching giraffe print which is sure to turn heads and bring a smile to anyone's face. Made with soft and breathable cotton, this child’s long sleeve shirt is perfect for keeping your child cool and comfortable on the hottest days. Don't miss out on the fun – order your child's Savannah shirt today!

Light my Fire Men’s Shirt

Ignite your summer wardrobe with our Light My Fire red paisley shirt, Inspired by the iconic song from The Doors. With its bold and unique paisley pattern, this shirt captures the free-spirited and bohemian vibe of Ibiza's hippie culture. Made with lightweight and breathable cotton, it is perfect for those torrid summer days and nights. Don't miss out on the chance to set your style on fire and et your Light My Fire shirt today!

Born to be Wild Men’s Shirt

Discover our vibrant Born to Be Wild yellow paisley light cotton shirt, named after the iconic song and inspired by the free-spirited and vibrant energy of Ibiza's hippie culture. Made with light and soft cotton, this shirt is comfortable and breathable, perfect for warm summer days and nights. Part of our Summer of Love collection, it is a nod to the bohemian and unconventional lifestyle of the late 1960s. Embrace the rebel spirit of the era and order it now to experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and individuality!