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Madhu Women’s Shirt

The Madhu shirt is named after the Sanskrit word for honey and its rich and intricate patterns evoke the sweetness and richness of this precious substance. The floral Block printed pattern on this shirt is both bold and elegant. Block printing is a technique that involves hand-carving intricate designs onto blocks of wood which are then dipped in ink and stamped manually onto fabric to create the pattern. With this technique, not only do you receive a beautiful and well-crafted garment, but also a one-of-a-kind work of art. Bring a touch of grace and elegance to your wardrobe, while supporting the preservation of traditional techniques and culture!

Lakshmi Women’s Shirt

This exquisite piece is named after the Hindu goddess of beauty, prosperity and good luck and is hand crafted using the ancient technique of block printing which has been used in India for centuries. Since each block is hand-carved and each stamping is done by hand, every piece that is block printed is unique and may have slight variations in the pattern and color making each garment unique. Bring a touch of Lakshmi's grace and elegance to your wardrobe!

Tanit Women’s Shirt

Celebrate the grace and beauty of the Ibizan goddess with our Tanit shirt crafted with care using traditional blockprinting techniques. This delicately printed shirt features intricate patterns inspired by the goddess of fertility, love, and the moon. The monochrome design adds a touch of elegance, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Don't miss out on the opportunity and let the goddess of love inspire your style. Get your Tanit men's shirt today!

Tagomago Women’s Shirt

Our Tagomago handmade blockprint shirt for women is perfect for those who want to embrace the beauty and tranquility of the Mediterranean in their own unique way. Made with the finest quality light cotton fabric and featuring a handcrafted blockprint design, this shirt captures the essence of the Mediterranean in a playful and stylish way. Elevate your summer style with our Tagomago blockprint shirt, inspired by the rich history and natural beauty of Ibiza.

Itaca Women’s Shirt

According to the legend, Odysseus spent ten years wandering the seas after the Trojan War before finally making his way back to his beloved island of Itaca. Our Handmade Blockprint Shirt captures the spirit of this mythical journey across the Mediterranean with its intricate blockprint pattern and soft, subtle shades of color. Just like Odysseus on his journey, this shirt is both rugged and stylish, making it the perfect choice for any adventurer or fashion-conscious individual. Embrace the spirit of adventure and mythology with the Itaca Handmade Blockprint Shirt today!

Formentera Women’s Shirt

Our Formentera Blockprint Shirt is inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the island of Formentera. This shirt features a unique blockprint design that captures the essence of the island's natural beauty. Its pattern and colors reflect the crystal-clear waters and stunning skies of Formentera. Its relaxed fit and breathable fabric make it the perfect choice for any outdoor activity. Wear a Formentera shirt whether you're exploring the island or lounging on its pristine beaches!

Dragonera Women’s Shirt

Our Dragonera blockprint shirt is a stunning addition to our collection inspired by the rugged and natural beauty of the small uninhabited Mediterranean island. Made with lightweight and very soft cotton fabric, this shirt features a unique blockprint design that captures the essence of the island's untamed landscapes. Experience the raw and natural beauty of Dragonera with this blockprint shirt and take a piece of this enchanting island with you wherever you go!

Taj Mahal Women’s Shirt

The Taj Mahal Shirt is made from the lightest, softest cotton and features an intricate paisley design created using the Blockprint technique, a process that has been used in India for centuries to produce one-of-a-kind pieces. This shirt is bold and elegant, and the subtle colors of its design evoke the beauty and grandeur of the Taj Mahal. Wrap yourself in the beauty of India's cultural heritage with our Taj Mahal shirt!

Ram Ram Women’s Shirt

The Ram Ram shirt is named after the traditional greeting in India that is used to show respect and reverence. A stunning shirt that celebrates the beauty and culture of India, this garment is crafted using the traditional block printing technique which involves hand-carving designs onto blocks of wood then manually dipping them in ink and stamping them onto fabric to create the pattern. So when you order a piece that's block printed, you're not just getting a beautiful garment but also a one-of-a-kind work of art. Add the timeless elegance of India to your collection with our Ram Ram shirt!

Haveli Women’s Shirt

Presenting the Haveli shirt, an elegant piece made with the Indian tradition of block printing. An ancient way of printing patterns and designs onto fabric using hand-carved blocks and ink, this technique requires skill and precision which is why each garment produced is truly one of a kind. Made from the lightest, softest cotton, this shirt features a beautiful monochrome floral pattern that is both timeless and elegant. Don't miss the opportunity to show off this unique artesanal garment!

Mandala Women’s Shirt

A beautiful shirt that celebrates the mesmerizing designs of traditional Indian mandalas. This shirt's pattern has been handcrafted using the ancient block printing technique which has been used in India for centuries. Mandalas represent the universe and its connection to all living beings. Embrace the spiritual and cultural richness of traditional India with our Mandala shirt!

Savannah Women’s Shirt

Stand tall in the crowd with our Savannah long sleeve shirt featuring a charming giraffe print! Made with soft and breathable cotton, this long sleeve shirt is as light as the savannah breeze. Elevate your style game and order your Savannah shirt today!