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Born to be Wild Kids Shirt

Discover our vibrant Born to Be Wild yellow paisley light cotton shirt, named after the iconic song and inspired by the free-spirited and vibrant energy of Ibiza's hippie culture. Made with light and soft cotton, this shirt is comfortable and breathable, perfect for warm summer days and nights. Part of our Summer of Love collection, it is a nod to the bohemian and unconventional lifestyle of the late 1960s. Embrace the rebel spirit of the era and order it now to experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and individuality!

Eolia Kids Shirt

The Eolia tie dye shirt is a stunning addition to our collection inspired by the natural beauty and serene landscapes of the Eolie, a group of volcanic islands in the Mediterranean. The intricate tie dye pattern of the Eolia shirt is inspired by the strong and vibrant shades of blue and white found in the Mare Nostrum, featuring delicate and intricate motifs that evoke its natural beauty. Its relaxed fit and breathable fabric make it the perfect choice for any outdoor activity. Wear an Eolia shirt whether you're exploring the islands or lounging on their stunning beaches!

Easy Rider Men’s Shirt

Add some bohemian flair to your summer wardrobe with the Easy Rider shirt, inspired by the iconic film and the vibrant energy of Ibiza's hippie culture. Made with soft, lightweight cotton, this shirt is perfect for hot summer days and nights. The bold paisley pattern adds a touch of color and style to any outfit. With both men's and women's styles available, everyone can embrace the free-spirited vibe of the Summer of Love collection. Order your Easy Rider shirt now and ride the storm of love that is coming this summer!

Mandala Women’s Shirt

A beautiful shirt that celebrates the mesmerizing designs of traditional Indian mandalas. This shirt's pattern has been handcrafted using the ancient block printing technique which has been used in India for centuries. Mandalas represent the universe and its connection to all living beings. Embrace the spiritual and cultural richness of traditional India with our Mandala shirt!

Paradis Men’s Shirt

Step out in style with the exotic and vibrant Paradis shirt, featuring a stunning pattern of cranes and flowers. This shirt captures the essence of paradise and is sure to make you stand out on the dance floor. Add it to your cart and make an elegant statement on the dance floor that won't be forgotten!

Lucy in the Sky Kids Shirt

Check out the Lucy in the Sky shirt if you're looking for a stylish and colorful addition to your child´s wardrobe. Inspired by the psychedelic movement of the 60s, this shirt captures the vibrant and free-spirited energy of Ibiza's hippie culture. Made with lightweight cotton, this shirt is comfortable and breathable making it perfect for warm summer days and nights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of psychedelic style to your child´s summer wardrobe! Order a Lucy in the Sky shirt for your child today!


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